Peoli...the spring flower

Peoli was a young maiden who lived in the forest. She spent her days tending to the plants and trees of the forest with whom she shared a deep bond of love. One day, a prince who came to the forest for hunting, saw her and fell in love with the li (girl, in local language). They got married and she left the forest to live with him in the palace. Life at the palace, away from nature gradually made li sick and she eventually died. She was buried at a spot from which a plant with small yellow flowers sprouted. The spring-yellow coloured flower was named Peo-li, in memory of the girl.

The philosophy at PEOLI has emerged from this love for nature and local resources. A strong belief in celebrating and engaging indigenous skills forms the basis of our approach. Simple functional products with minimal aesthetics have been derived from the local skill vocabulary using natural materials and dyes, for the conscious consumers who are sensitive about the resources used in the making of the item they purchase.

The women artisans of the hills, their dexterous hands creating warm pieces of comfort form the fabric of our organization. We, at PEOLI aim at nurturing the creativity of the hand and cultivating a culture of providing a fair means of livelihood to skilled people through our sustainable practices and promotion of a sustainable lifestyle.